iArtBooks by Elizabeth Beecher Publishing and our sister imprint, Pandora Publications offer something new to the world of art publishing. The traditional two-dimensional restrictions are gone; art is able to 'come alive' and leap off 'the page'. By integrating video, audio, interactive galleries and other features, iArtBooks offer a wealth of possibilities and ways of experiencing art that have never been possible with printed books or other types of digital publications.

Our iArtBooks cover a huge variety of art. iBooks lets you browse books and download them directly to your Mac or iPad. Now you can collect the work of your favorite artists in an affordable and portable format that also allows you to immerse yourself in art you love and share your discoveries with others.

You can view screenshots and download free samples of any of our iArtBooks on iBooks by clicking on the cover image on the iArtBooks page of the website.

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iBooks mirrored with Apple AirTV

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